Community Platform Pricing Built to Your Needs

Our pricing is flexible and customized to our customer's needs and unique situations. Only pay for what you need!

3 Things to Know About Cause Machine

There's a monthly fee.
Cause Machine will cost you something. You’ll pay a flat monthly fee. We normally take US Dollars, but have been known to receive payment in chocolate.

The fee ranges (a lot).
Some customers pay $249 per month, some pay $2,000+. It all depends on how sophisticated of an approach you require.

We discover, then propose.
We’ll recommend certain features to include (and some to exclude) so you can have the best deal. This is why we need a discovery demo call to know more before we can provide you with a price.

Cause Machine is Built to Your Needs

Our pricing model is based on a dozen criteria, and they’re interwoven together. It’s kind of like a recipe - there are ingredients, but, just knowing the ingredients isn’t enough. You have to know how many people you’re feeding. Having a recipe for one cake isn’t helpful if you’re feeding two hundred guests at a wedding. So, here are the things we’ll talk through if you schedule a demo with us:

  • Do you have a website currently or is this your first build?
  • What’s the nature of your online community? More like an association, organization, volunteers, readers, podcast listeners, like-minded mission workers?
  • Do you already have an audience you want to continue serving? If yes, how large is the audience (5 of your best friends, or 5 million email subscribers?)
  • Are you planning to launch a monthly subscription model to grow your online revenue?
  • Do you host any events? If so, how many and how big are they?
  • Will you be selling online products or digital courses?
  • Are your members individuals or individuals and organizations?
  • Do you need to integrate with other systems?

As we talk through these options, we can right-size a pricing proposal for you. We’ll send you an email after our discovery demo with that information. And, on the discovery demo, we’ll only show you the most relevant and practical parts of our system. You’re busy, so we’ll try to customize the learning experience as much as we can.

Oh, and it may go without saying - we’ll gladly do the discovery demo with no strings attached. You don’t need to give us anything, and most of our customers even walk away from the demo with one or two ideas they can implement even if they never use Cause Machine. We want even the discovery demo to add value to you and your mission.