Core features

An Online Community Software that Empowers.

Accelerate the growth of your online community to reach more people.

Focus on expanding your community instead of technology headaches.

Leverage our online community software that's easy to use and seamlessly woven together.

Monetize your audience so your mission can sustain itself over the long haul.

Host Events

Elevate your event experience for attendees from simply a few days to a lifetime of involvement. The great challenge of any event is making it last past the event.  This is where Cause Machine specializes in walking event attendees into a rich online community experiences that lasts long past the event. The truth is, events are simply stepping stones to a much longer relationship with you and your community.   

Connect People

Guide your attendees to matched breakout sessions, exhibitors, and other attendees.

Engage All Attendees

Easily convert your event attendees into long-last community members.

Not Just Ticket Sales

Manager every detail of your event in one place: registration, speakers, communications, and more.

Go Live and
Go Virtual

Host powerful virtual and/or live events.

Build Websites

Cause Machine offers one of the most powerful website building tools available today. The great challenge for building a website is first having simple tools coupled with the ability to make a page look great. With Cause Machine, gone are the days for needing an expert site designer. These webpages will work hard for you to communicate with your online community.

Drag & Drop Page Blocks

Simply drag and drop specific page blocks into your site and you're all set.

Lead Generators

Leverage the integrated tools to present lead generators and capture key data for future members.

Responsive Templates

Choose from a set of elegant fully-designed  templates that are mobile responsive and ready for action.

Public + Private Spaces

Design pages that can be seen by the public or by specific membership tiers of your community.

Get started managing your community with ease.

Monetize Memberships

Creating membership offerings that are easy to manage is a real challenge, not to mention connecting someone's personal membership with all that they have purchased.  Cause Machine bundles memberships, courses, events, products, groups, content, and more into a single online community, so you don't need to cobble all those systems together. Bundling all of this together helps you build a stronger community and membership offerings

Fully Integrated

Memberships are fully integrated into the Cause Machine platform.

Revenue Streams

Leverage multiple revenue streams: memberships, events, courses, products, and donations.

New Member Experience

Create a customized new member experience for each of your membership tiers to offer an excellent experience.

Individuals + Organizations

Create memberships and directories for individuals and organizations who are part of your community.

Launch Courses

Online community learning only continues to grow as we look for new ways to teach others our amazing skills and knowledge. Cause Machine allows you a fully-integrated course management system to host and manage your simple courses all the way to your complex courses.  

Bundle Your Offerings

Connect course access with memberships to bundle your offerings.

Increase Revenue

Set course payment structure and installments to increase revenue.

Course Communities

Allow course subscribers a place to connect with others who have taken the same course.

Course Cohorts

Allow groups of people to take a course together to make things more personal.

Post Content

Content management is vital for every online community.  Cause Machine simplifies the management of content being shared with your private community.

Up-Sell Content

Let others know about more exclusive content to encourage purchasing a community membership.

Community Generated

Allow community members to share content and stories in your community.  

Control Access 

Control which membership tiers are able to access which pieces of content.

Auto-publish to Social

Let Cause Machine auto-publish new post notifications to social media platforms.

Send Emails

Email sending tools have become extremely powerful and complex.  Sometimes you just want to quickly send an email to your audience and need to segment that email based on how you define your community.  Cause Machine's native email sender makes it easy for you to send and schedule emails with just a few quick clicks.

Compose Emails

Draft emails for your audience and send on your schedule.

Target Audiences

Narrow the audience for each of your emails based on their community interests and membership level.

Weekly Digests 

Automate weekly digests to your community members to let them know what's new and relevant to them.

Email From Anywhere

Leverage the email sender throughout modules like events, courses, and more.

Assemble Groups

Connecting people in smaller groups within your community to assemble and connect around shared interests.  Groups allow for smaller connections within your community to build stronger relationships and trust.  The Cause Machine group module allows members in your community to connect with each other and host their own connection points.

Connect People

Connect members of your community to each other.

User Created Groups

Allow community members to launch their own groups inside your community site.

Groups Map

Display groups by map (or list) to help people find groups that best match their interest or location.

Control Privacy

Allow groups to control privacy settings for more controlled environments.

Customize the experience based on their unique preferences.

Engage Users

Technology has brought us great automation, though we are all still human and desire connection with each other.  Cause Machine gives you the tools to take a large community and make it small by creating extremely intentional connections guided by you and the technology.  You'll be amazed just how a little thought goes a long way to better engage your community.  

Noise Reduction

Take out all the noise in your community to focus connections and content specific to each member.

Intelligent Guidance

Be the guide to your community to help guide them to a next step and some great connections.

Personalized Dashboard

Keep tabs on your personal resources while seeing new recommendations.

Engagement Insights

Drill down into each members engagement to learn how to better serve them.  

Start building your online community

We'll help you set your platform up for success.

Leverage Integrations

Cause Machine helps you greatly reduce the systems that you need to engage your audience creating a full suite of member engagement tools.  Many businesses find themselves also running backend business processes through tools like Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and many others.  Cause Machine works seamlessly with over 1,000 world-class platforms to help you better manage your community and run your business systems.  

1,000s of Integrations

Cause Machine integrates with thousands of other systems to streamline your processes.

Contextual Insights

Leverage the Google Analytics integration to view reports directly in Cause Machine.

Expand Impact

Expand your impact by creating business systems that join seamlessly with Cause Machine.

Automate Marketing

Add additional marketing process that work automatically.

Monitor Analytics

Analytics and data are everywhere, but do they help you know your audience better, and do they help you make better business decisions for the future?  At Cause Machine, we work to present you with reporting and analytics tools that help you become a greater expert at knowing your audience and giving you core insights to help you make future decisions to help you grow.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics are integrated directly into your site with contextualized views.

Dashboard Insights

Study community, membership, events, revenue and other site dashboards.  

Trend Reports

Receive weekly trend reports giving you core insights into popularity, activity, and other trends.

Member Engagement

Dive into specific members to learn about their community involvement.

Find Employees

Many communities feature a job board to help their members find that next great career step.  The Cause Machine job board features tools to post jobs but also allowing member organizations to post their jobs to a shared job board.  This creates a powerful tool for an aggregated job board that's managed by a team of people.



Allow other member organizations to submit and post jobs to your community job board.

Member Job Matching

Cause Machine helps match individuals to jobs of interest.

Jobs + Internships 

Post full-time and part-time jobs along with internships.

Custom Applications

Build custom applications for jobs.

Make the shopping experience clear and frictionless.

Sell Products

Sell digital products easily to your community through the Cause Machine products module.

Products + Services

Post digital products and/or services 

Purchasing Insights

Track trends and analytics for your various products.

Restrict Access

Lock down access to digital products after set amount of downloads.

Digital Storefront

Host your digital storefront of resources in one place.

Set up your platform for success.