Make Alumni Management Easy

Keep Alums Engaged Beyond the Reunion

Create unique experiences for alumni with the Groups Module.

Give Alumni a Great Experice Where They Own It

Connect Alums Together.
Build a beatiful website to show off the spirit of alumni where members can view jobs, register for upcoming events, connect in groups and much more.

Build Momentum with Events.
Monetize your content after virtual and physical events. Even host private webinars to connect, educate, inspire people around your mission.

Start a Conversation.
With online groups and discussions, your loyal alums will can get involved on a personal level.

Done With Simple & Tailored Tools

Website Builder

Give your online community a home that is purpose-built. 

Key Features

 Drag & Drop Builder

 Mobile Ready

 SEO Optimized

Email Marketing

Get users engaged with email nurture and sales campaigns. 

Key Features

 Audience Targeting

 Easy to Use

 Automation Features

eCommerce Store

Monetize your platform by selling products and services.

Key Features

 Create & Sell Products

 Track Sales & Product Data

 Sell Digital & Physical Products


Create fully-integrated memberships and monetize all in one place.

Key Features

 Membership Tiers

 Tailor Member Experience

 Monetize Content 

Online Courses

Turn a passion for instruction into an alternate revenue stream that you own.

Key Features

 Create & Sell Custom Courses

 Connect Students Together

 Increase Revenue


Lead any event, whether in-person, virtual, or even a private webinar.

Key Features

 Hybrid Events

 Easily Connect Attendees

 Manage Every Detail

A Platform Owned by You.
We mean it. You own the content and data across your community. Share videos, articles, podcasts, courses, events, and so much more. All controlled by you.

Manage Your Users.
With member dashboards, getting insights into your community has never been easier. Integrated with Google Analytics to stay informed.

Avoid Half-baked Systems.
Many platforms drown you in complexity and extra costs. A holistic approach to digital makes it easy. With Cause Machine, only pay for what you need.