How to Take Your Community Digital

Fellow Community Leaders:

You want to have a dynamic and multi-dimensional community that thrives through things like COVID-19. In order to do that, you need a strategy of both online and offline engagement. The problem is things are shutting down and being canceled which causes anxiety over revenue sources and the future.

We believe there’s a solution that leverages what you’re already doing to help you grow in this season. This document will help you think through your approach to engaging a virtual community (and it all works regardless if you ever choose to use Cause Machine as your technology solution).

I understand the challenges with external changes (COVID-19 being just one of them). In my work with hundreds of organizations spanning the globe, we’ve tackled countless hurdles to building solutions and strategies that have allowed communities to not only survive times like this but to thrive and grow. I want to share some of these secrets here with you.

Here’s how you can thrive in a season like this too:
(1) work through this ebook (you and/or your team)
(2) commit to the ideas suggested
(3) enjoy the fruit of seeing your community thrive and grow

Get started today so you can overcome these external forces (like COVID-19) and thrive in these times.

So let’s get started!


Will Rogers
Founder, Cause Machine